5 Ways Women Want You To Dress

5 Ways Women Want You To Dress

What Women Want

Last week the nation woke to the breaking news that, according to a survey conducted by online retailer Littlewoods, 67 per cent of women admitted to controlling their partners style. In an age where KimYe are considered a golden couple, it hardly comes as a surprise.

Their sometimes matching Givenchy outfits and dedication to dressing in a full look, even if theyre just nipping out to Whole Foods, is admirable. And while David and Victoria Beckham may have ditched their his and hers Dolce & Gabbana outfits, they still certainly enjoy being hailed as one of the worlds most style-conscious couples.

Celebrity gossip aside, the reality is men have been getting style advice in all shapes and sizes for decades. At the end of the day, we all want to look our best and, ultimately, impress those that matter.

While were not suggesting you should allow the women in your life to dictate your style, we thought this would be a good opportunity to ask a few with insider knowledge what they personally looked for. With that in mind, we spoke to five female professionals who work in menswear to get their thoughts on how men should be dressing in 2015.

From the Editor of Mr Porter to an ASOS Personal Stylist, via the Director of one of Londons most forward-thinking menswear labels, we give you their top mens style tips

1. Anything Worn With Confidence Is Attractive

Nothing is less attractive in my opinion than the clothes wearing the man. Maketh the man, always!

Dressing should be just one part of their character. Im a huge fan of that check shirt grunge look, but possibly because I dress like that myself, which means, oh, Im a massive narcissist.
Cozette McCreery, Designer and Director at fashion brand SIBLING

Anything Worn With Confidence Is AttractiveWhether its a suit or check shirt, make sure you wear it with confidence. Image: AllSaints AW14

2. Trying Hard With Trends Isnt Appealing

I kind of hate the pressure that people feel from the word trend. I think if you are naturally observant, then buying into a trend is something that just naturally happens.

What I like about menswear is that having your own identity is valued more than changing your wardrobe every six months.
Victoria Higgs, Stylist

Make trends work for you. Big tailoring fan? You may have noticed checks having a momentMake trends work for you. Big tailoring fan? You may have noticed checks having a moment. Image: Pal Zileri AW14

3. Never Underestimate The Classics

A white crew neck t-shirt, a good quality grey cashmere sweater, a simple navy wool overcoat women love it when men keep clothes simple.

Colour and depth should come from the man wearing them.
Jodie Harrison, Editor at Mr Porter

Keep Things Classic and you can't go wrongKeep Things Classic and you cant go wrong. Image: Taron Egerton

4. Wear Colour, But Carefully

A few splashes here and there can be good and will easily update clothes you already own. Try to accessorise with colour though, rather than incorporate it into a whole look.

The old rule of paying attention to your skin tone is still valid, too. Generally the darker you are, the brighter the colour you can accessorise with.
Gamze Gul, Personal Stylist at ASOS

Try introducing colour accents to your look via detailing or well-placed accessoriesTry introducing colour accents to your look via detailing or well-placed accessories. Image: Brax 2014

5. Keep Spending On Good Jeans

Attention to detail is a big sartorial turn on for me, bad jeans are the opposite of this.

A guy who puts the leg work into finding the best pair for him suggests pride in appearance and willingness to spend time investigating fit, cut and silhouette.
Candice Bailey, Stylist

Never underestimate the power of a great pair of jeansNever underestimate the power of a great pair of jeans. Image: Ms Spring 2014

Final Word

So, it seems women dont actually expect too much from us when it comes to our attire stick to the classics, develop your own identity, and dont try too hard. Oh, and the greatest accessory a man can own? Confidence.

Does this mean we should all stop worrying so much about how we look? Or do you dress the way you do for yourself, and yourself alone? How many of you regularly seek out your partners or female friends advice when it comes to fashion and style?

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